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HOurbank is a local timebank for Southwark where members can exchange time and skills, meet new friends and build community simply by helping one another. It’s a unique social group that runs on a simple time-banking system. Members of the HOurBank advertise their skills, hobbies and interests on a private, virtual noticeboard. From here, fellow members can ‘purchase’ these skills, offering their own unique abilities as payment. Here’s an example: Paul, a technology-prodigy wants to spruce up his garden, but he doesn’t know the difference between a weed and a wisteria. So Paul helps Matilda advance her computer skills, and in return Matilda helps Paul with his garden.

The HOurBank treats every member equally, and encourages each person to get involved in their community. The social group increases self-confidence and employability whilst enabling cultural interchange and active citizenship.

Hourbank is a part of a national network of timebanks and you can become a member online through the Hourworld system that many timebanks use.