How to get involved

If you have found this web page, it is probably because you want to get involved in this wonderful corner of London that is Peckham; you may want to do something good - and free - with your time; you want to meet new and interesting people;  to give something back; learn a new skill; have your say; use your talents.... or all of the above!  

This website aims to link you to the many amazing local projects and initiatives and hopefully get you involved. Get in touch with them directly if you think that they are doing something you'd like to do or that might be able to help them with. Most of the opportunities and projects listed here offer flexible opportunities to get involved, maybe helping with a one off event, or a small team that you could join to develop their capacity. Some offer regular volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Southwark has lots of volunteering opportunites locally listed too : on its website

You can also help me! This website is something of a work in progress - if you know of other projects please send me details and I can add them onto here. I intend to make this a platform to share community projects, up to date activities and events.  I have also created a twitter feed and facebook page too so have a look at that, like it and spread the word!