Peckham Weeklies

Peckham Weeklies is a multi-disciplinary, multi-generation weekly forum of Peckham residents. Initally getting together in autumn 2014 to help brainstorm ideas for the new station square and ended up becoming a weekly focus group continuing to produce publications that explore and celebrate the distinctive elements of Peckham life.

Most recently they have been involved in the London Festival of Architecture as well as collaborating with Nicholas at Pem People to develop the Livesey Excvhange.

Through researching and publishing magazines on key local issues, in collaboration with other Peckham community interest groups, the forum participants have gained insights into the planning system, and the vitality and diversity of Peckham’s community, its local economy and the many connective layers through which local businesses support the wider neighbourhood.

They also have produced a number of publications as part of a Southwark Council funded Codesign initiative around Peckham Station Square. They have continued their production long after the Codesign initiative ended in 2014. Issues have focussed on key areas such as culture, nature, history and play. With each topic we aim to throw the net wide to include all sections of the community and draw on the knowledge and enthusiasm of both long term residents and new arrivals. In this way, we enhance collective awareness while highlighting individual voices. They are committed to continuing in our publishing activities,